Source: IRENA Statistics
*More information on specific geothermal power plants can be found HERE.

Plans for geothermal power

Year Projected capacity(MWe)
2030 300

(INDE, 2017)

Direct use

Application Installed capacity(MWt) Installed capacity (TJ/yr)

Concrete drying



Fruit drying 0.50             






2.31 56.46

(Lund and Toth, et al., 2020)

Geothermal Institutions

The National Electrification Institute (Instituto Nacional de Electrificación INDE) - INDE is a state entity mandated to provide electricity for the country, including exploration and exploitation of geothermal resources.

Geothermal Projects/Programs

The projects/programmes supported by other partners to promote geothermal development in Latin America, including in Guatemala can be found HERE.

Short course on Industrial applications of geothermal low enthalpy in Guatemala – A training at the Universidad del Valle carried out by the German cooperation Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH as part of the technical assistance provided to the General Secretariat of the Central American Integration System (SG-SICA) to encourage geothermal exploitation in Central America.

Legal and Regulatory Framework

Decree No. 93-96 the General Electricity Law (Ley General de Electricidad) sets the procedures for obtaining authorization to develop geothermal plants for electricity generation.

Decree No. 52-2003 Law of Incentives for the Development of Renewable Energy Projects (Ley de Incentivos Para el Desarrollo de Proyectos de Energía Renovable) establishes fiscal, economic and administrative procedure to promote investment in this type of project.