*No reported geothermal power plants

Direct use

Application Installed capacity(MWt) Installed capacity (TJ/yr)

Individual space heating

20.5 598

District heating

2.7 78

Bathing and swimming

1.6 48

Heat pumps

2,172 4,550


1,719.15 12,588

Geothermal Institutions

Geothermie-Schweiz - The mission of Geothermie-Schweiz is to promote geothermal energy in Switzerland and the deployment of the various technologies.

Geothermal Projects/Programs

*The projects/programmes supported by other partners to promote geothermal development in Europe, including in Switzerland can be found HERE.

Knowledge and technology transfer geothermal energy program  It is a program launched by Geothermie-Schweiz in 2020 with support of the Federal Office of Energy. It aims to promote the exchange of knowledge, experience and technologies involved in geothermal projects.

GEothermies  It is a joint program of the State of Geneva and the local utility Services Industriels de Genève (SIG) for comprehensive development of various geothermal solutions in Geneva.

Geo-Energie Suisse AG  It is a company and a competence center for development of enhanced geothermal systems in Switzerland.

University of Geneva – The university undertakes interdisciplinary research on geothermal energy, combining expertise from Earth sciences, energy system integration, environmental impact assessment and social sciences, and collaborates with other stakeholders to assess the potential for geothermal utilisation.

Legal and Regulatory Framework

In Switzerland, the Energy Act provides support policies for the development of geothermal energy. Apart from feed-in tariffs, there is also a geothermal guarantee scheme which covers up to 60% of the costs in case of exploration failure.


Project map and factsheets - The project map shows deep geothermal power plants in operation as well as past and current deep geothermal projects in Switzerland.

Position paper on geothermal heat - Geothermal energy to cover at least a quarter of the needs in heat from Switzerland.

Geothermal Swiss Statistics – a database of reports detailing geothermal utilization in the heating sector in Switzerland.

Geological portal - A platform with information for the Swiss geology scene

Heat flux map - A national map of thermal energy that is produced in the subsurface and traverses 1m2 of area